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Container Inspections

Introductory Information:

Participants will learn how to conduct inspections of containers in order to reduce the threats posed by terrorism.

Main Topics Covered in this Course Include:

  • US Customs Initiatives
  • General Inspection Procedures
  • Specific Container Inspections
  • Security Criteria

Opening Remarks:

SafeResponse has developed this online training program on Container Inspections for security personnel. This includes employees who are responsible for inspecting incoming and outgoing containers at manufacturing sites, as well as other locations involved in the supply chain.


Participants can print their certificates for this program once they have achieved a score of 70% or greater on the final quiz. You may take the quiz as many times as necessary in order to reach the 70% mark. A representative from your employer will need to certify each certificate by signing it. In order to be certified as completing this program, participants must complete the required information within the registration process. In addition, each participant must complete the training on an individual basis. If you ask someone else to go through the program for you, you will not learn the information that will be necessary to protect your health and safety. This will also render your certificate null and void.

Legal Requirements:

US Customs and Border Patrol have created an initiative known as the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT). In order to qualify for C-TPAT membership, businesses must develop and implement a program to improve security throughout their supply chain. Part of the program must include Security Awareness Training for personnel who are responsible for conducting container searches. This program was designed to comply with this US Customs requirement for C-TPAT membership.

Getting the Most out of the Program:

  1. Before starting the course, click on each Section Tab at the top of the Introduction page. This will tell you how the course is organized.
  2. This course should take (on average) 30 minutes to complete. Use this number if you are required to track time spent during training.
  3. At the end of this program, you will have to take a short quiz. In order to receive a certificate, you will have to get a minimum score of 70%. Certificates of completion can be printed by the participant once the 70% or greater score is achieved. The participant may take the quiz as many times as necessary in order to reach the 70% mark.
  4. Finally, online learning is based on content and learner responsibility. As a learner, you have even more responsibility when taking this course. If you skip a section or fail to review all the material, you may weaken the security of our supply chain. For this reason, we urge you to get as much out of this course as you can.